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  • Learn yoga from the comforts of your own home.
  • The most complete yoga training series available anywhere.
  • Level 1 Course includes 21 interactive, step-by-step yoga lessons - with over 200 pages of detailed instructions and streaming video demonstrations
  • Level 2 Course includes 24 comprehensive yoga lessons with over 600 pages of indepth instructions including video demonstrations.
  • Learn over 120 powerful youth-generating yoga techniques.
  • Takes the mystery out of the philosophy, principles and practice of yoga
  • Great for beginners to experienced yogis
  • All the tools you'll ever need to learn to practice yoga.
  • The perfect alternative to yoga class for busy schedules
  • A great knowledge builder for yoga teachers too!
  • It's the easiest and most affordable way to learn REAL yoga!
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  • SPECIAL FREE BONUS: The Yoga of Mind Control eBook (Value $17.95)
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It's New Years Resolution Time!
( and I want to help you succeed this time! ... )

Yep, it's another New Year, and for most of us that means it's time to get off our butts and make those changes we promised ourselves we were going to make last year (and the year before, and the year before that too).

This IS the year to finally lose the weight, get rid of the stress and start living a healthier and happier life!

Yoga has helped countless people to do that already!  Why not you too?

Yoga can really be the GAME CHANGER for your health and fitness. In fact, it can be the game changer for your entire life, if it's done the right way.

... and learning how to do yoga properly is a lot easier than you think!

It's time to STOP PROCRASTINATING and finally get yourself back onto a healthy track in life...

NOW is the time to
change your health and your life

The easiest and most affordable way to learn yoga
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What if you could turn back the clock and regain the health and vitality that has slipped away from you?   What if you could learn the most effective youth-generating, stress-reducing, energy-boosting techniques around, right from home?

AND what if you could do it all for only the cost of 3 or 4 yoga classes?

Now you can with the Complete Yoga Training Series, including the Basic Yoga Trainer (level 1) and The Science of Yoga (level 2), the web?s most sought after and effective online yoga training programs. 

"What A Blessing! Thank you so much for offering such easy going yet deeply profound courses for me to get my yoga practice happening!"
~ Jeff Dempsey, Raw Foods Expert

"I have been learning Yoga for about 12 years now and these courses are great. They're exactly what I needed to inspire my home practice and further my understanding of yoga."
~ Dianne Jones, Yoga Student

Your Complete Yoga Training Series Includes:

The Basic Yoga Trainer (Level 1 Course)


Our most popular yoga course, this basic yoga course is perfect for yoga beginners and those who would like to start to develop the ability and confidence to practice yoga at home, on their own.

The Basic Yoga Trainer includes 21 step-by-step lessons complete with detailed training guides and video demonstrations.


More info about The Basic Yoga Trainer


The Science of Yoga (Level 2 Course)

Our newest yoga home study program, the Science of Yoga is the perfect Home Study Course for those who are ready to go further from The Basic Yoga Trainer, but unable to commit to the full 1-year Yoga Master's Course.

The Science of Yoga is the most comprehensive, concise yoga home study course available anywhere ... guaranteed!


More info about The Science of Yoga


The Yoga of Mind Control


The Yoga of Mind Control reveals wisdom of the ancient yogis seldom shared in the modern yoga world -- their powerful secrets to unlocking the unlimited potential within all of us -- That potential to have and to be all that we want!

"In the sea of modern books written about yoga, this one is a real gem. It turns on the light to some really fascinating aspects of yoga that are sorely missed today... I loved it!"

More about The Yoga of Mind Control here


All For Our
New Years Special Price
Only $47

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Find Out Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Yoga - 45 interactive lessons with over 800 pages of detailed yoga instruction ... the most complete yoga training program anywhere - guaranteed!

Learn to Do Yoga with Ease through this proven step-by-step yoga lesson formula, including over 120 powerful yoga techniques with daily practice guides and review sheets to make it all stick. The Complete Yoga Training Series takes all the confusion out of yoga and makes it all make perfect sense...

Instantly Rejuvenate Your Body and Refresh Your Mind with 21 secret yogic breathing practices certain to give you an immediate and lasting energy boost. Just a few minutes a day of practice is all it takes to feel 10 years younger again!

Live Longer and Stronger with over a dozen ancient yoga dietary secrets - and the regular practice of yoga which is proven to improve your physical and mental stamina, and even make you live longer too!

Restore Balance to your BODY, your MIND and your LIFE - with 15 special polarity and yoga energy balancing techniques. Practice these regularly and you'll feel like your good "young" self again in no time!

Clean Out The Toxins That Cause Premature Aging and Disease (you're more polluted than you think!) with 6 daily yoga practices that are so simple and take only 5 minutes to do. You'll be amazed at the rejuvenating results!

Get All the Tools to Practice Yoga, at Your Fingertips (It's like having a private yoga teacher in your own home) - including detailed instructional guides, video demonstrations and appendices of complete yoga routines to follow along with.

Remove All the Mystery, Superstition and Flimsy Science From Yoga (finally learn what yoga is all about), with instruction on the principles and theories behind all the practices so that you'll really know how to practice yoga properly - and how to practice on your own too.

              and a whole lot more ... see for yourself!

"I'm in a yoga teacher program now, but I've learned more from your course than anything I learned in class!"
~ Marie Neugent, Yoga Student

"I've gone to so many yoga classes and I didn't even realize how much I was missing until now. Thank you so much for all that you've taught me about yoga, and all the money you've saved me in the long run too!"
~ Jessica Hewitt, Yoga Student

Your Questions Answered:

What is this complete yoga training series all about?

It is all about helping you to learn yoga, in your own way, at your own pace, and without breaking your bank account in the process!

Both the Level 1 Basic Yoga Trainer and the Level 2 Science of Yoga courses together give you the most complete yoga home study experience available anywhere. The step-by-step yoga lessons are comprised of detailed instructional guides and video demonstrations, teaching the safe and effective way to practice yoga.

But this instruction go well beyond the yoga exercises too - taking yoga learning to a whole new level. If you're interested in understanding the "hows" and the "whys" of yoga, and also in developing the ability to practice it on your own at home, then this yoga training series is right for you.

I already go to yoga classes. Why do I need this?

If you think that you're getting everything you possibly can out of yoga from your yoga class, then you don't need this. But...

In truth, most people don't realize how much they are missing in their yoga classes until they've taken a look at my online yoga training programs. Most find that these courses helped them to get a whole lot more out of their local yoga classes.

Who is the yoga teacher behind these yoga courses?

These unique yoga training programs were created by Yogacharya Michael, Founder of International Yogalayam and Editor of The Yoga News. Yogacharya Michael is a pioneer in Yoga Distance Education, and his online yoga training programs have set the standard for yoga learning online.

Who ares these courses designed for?

The step by step nature of these yoga lessons means that almost anyone with an interest in yoga can use them.

On one hand, they are comprehensive enough in scope that experienced practitioners and yoga teachers will find them rich with insight to further their own yoga education.

On the other hand, the lessons start at the basic foundations of yoga and walk, step by step, through its vast array of concepts and practices, making them accessible to yoga enthusiasts of all levels, beginner to advanced.

How do these courses compare to other yoga distance education programs?

There are few (if any) online yoga training programs today that measure up to the quality and comprehensiveness of these courses. In the past 2 years alone, over 3,500 students have benefited from the well-developed and in-depth exploration of yoga that they offer.

I don't have time for yoga.

Ok, that's not really a question ... but it is something that I hear all the time. The reason why yoga takes too much time for many people is because doing it in a yoga class isn't always very convenient.

By the time you travel to the yoga studio, find parking, and fight the traffic on the way home, yoga can sure seem to eat up a whole lot of your precious time. That's why these online yoga programs are so helpful.

With them you can learn to practice yoga at home, on your own time, and you'll never have to worry about rushing to make it to that 4:30 yoga class on time again!

Does yoga help to reduce stress?

Short of a heavy dose of morphine, I've yet to come across anything that works better at stress reduction than yoga. Unlike drugs, however, yoga helps us to manage our stress in a pure and wholistic way.

Will I lose weight doing yoga?

Yoga is definitely effective for getting into shape and staying healthy. Just look at your yoga teacher if you need more proof!  In fact, the health benefits of yoga are too numerous to even mention here. If it ails you, then chances are that yoga will help!

Can I really learn yoga this way?
Thousands of students already have learned yoga through my online yoga programs, so I know for a fact that it is a very effective way to learn yoga.

Yes, it's true that instruction in person is important for certain aspects of yoga too. Most students studying my online yoga courses also attend yoga classes at the same time. Many find it much more rewarding to attend their local yoga classes after they have established the solid foundation of understanding and practice in yoga gained through my yoga training programs.

My yoga courses and your local yoga classes each have their own benefits, and using both of them will enhance your yoga experience greatly.

How do these yoga courses work?

The step-by-step yoga lessons are in pdf file format, which are downloaded directly to your computer. The lessons can easily be printed as well, for your convenience.

Each of the 45 total lessons contains a combination of yoga theory and practical techniques, designed to walk the student in a step by step fashion through the multitude of concepts and practices of yoga.

Where physical practices are taught, there are detailed instructions given through text and photographs, along with links to view video demonstrations of the proper performance of each exercise.

How do I get the course materials?

The course material is delivered to you INSTANTLY, via email, once your payment has been comfirmed.

All the Life-Changing Tools
You'll Need in 2012
For Only $47 Today:


The Basic Yoga Trainer - Level 1 Course (Reg. $97)
plus The Science of Yoga - Level 2 Course (Reg. $199)
plus The Yoga of Mind Control (Reg. $17.95) 

( TOTAL VALUE:  $313.95 USD )

"From the extensive research I've conducted, your yoga courses are by far the BEST on the WEB."
~ J. Sean Durham, Ph.D., RYT, Director of Studies,

Amount: $47.00
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The Complete Yoga Training Series is an electronic product. No physical products will be shipped. After your purchase you will be given instant access to download all of the yoga training materials.