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I'm Yogacharya, the creator of The Basic Yoga Trainer and Founder of International Yogalayam.

I'm positive that you’re going to really like the first 3 Free Lessons of The Basic Yoga Trainer, so I wanted to give you a Special Opportunity to access the full 21 Lesson program too.


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Here is exactly why I think you'll want the FULL 21-lesson Basic Yoga Trainer

I go to yoga classes. I love them, but I never learned yoga through them -- and I never developed the ability to keep up my healthy yoga lifestyle from them [ I spent several years studying yoga in India, but that's another story]

Chances are that you won't really learn yoga in a yoga class either. In fact, chances are you'll end up like most people -- trying out yoga classes, spending lots of money, and eventually quitting without getting too much out of it all.



Because yoga classes aren't designed to teach you yoga. They're designed to help you feel better right then and there, in the moment.

BUT those benefits only last so long, and then you have to go back again, and again,. and again -- until you just get tired of going.

In fact, 8 out of 10 people who try yoga classes quit in less than a month!

  If you want to do better, then you need to take a better approach, one that will help you to really learn yoga -- what it’s all about, and how to safely and confidently practice it at home too!

That's exactly what The Basic Yoga Trainer 21 step-by-step yoga lessons will do for YOU!

"I've been a yoga teacher since 1970 and I can say that this is definitely a
great course. I've already recommended it to some of my students!"
~Sheila Hayes, Registered Yoga Teacher, UK

The Basic Yoga Trainer is the ideal tool (and the only one you really need) to start doing yoga right now - to finally get yourself into shape and back onto a healthy track in life.


Learn How to Easily Do Yoga On Your Own!

 The Basic Yoga Trainer will teach you how to safely and effectively practice yoga at home, on your own. It will make yoga so easy that you'll want to do it all the time. Just imagine how amazing you'll look and feel when you do!

(Oh, and of course it will save you thousands of dollars on yoga classes in the future too.)

I really feel blessed to be able to give this tool to you so you can reach your goals with ease. I'm looking forward to hearing your success stories with The Basic Yoga Trainer soon ...

Yours in Yoga,

The Basic Yoga Trainer usually retails for $97.00, but you can get it right now (the full 21-lesson, one-of-a-kind online yoga training program) for $19.95. That's a savings of over $79.00 (81.5%)!

For that price alone you'd only get one yoga classes in a typical yoga studio where you wouldn't even learn what you will learn in one lesson from The Basic Yoga Trainer (not to mention what you'll learn in all 21 lessons!).

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  • Find out the REAL reason why there are so many new yoga styles today (most of them aren't even yoga at all) - and why some of these "modern yoga styles" can actually be bad for you...
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  • Learn what it really takes to be a yoga teacher and why your yoga teacher might not meet the REAL yoga standard - which means that you could be getting yoga all wrong...
  • Learn the 3 Keys to making your yoga practice work (vital things that are not taught in most yoga classes today) - and how, without them, you are losing most of the benefits of yoga...
  • Find out why modern yoga has a shelf life (set to expire soon) - and what you need to do to avoid getting left in the cold...
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Learn to Do Yoga with Ease through our proven step-by-step yoga lesson formula, including over 70 powerful yout-generating yoga techniques with daily practice guides. The Basic Yoga Trainer Course takes all the confusion out of yoga and makes it easy as pie! 

Instantly Rejuvenate Your Body and Refresh Your Mind with 21 secret yogic breathing practices certain to give you an immediate and lasting energy boost. Just a few minutes a day of practice is all it takes to feel 10 years younger again!

Live Longer and Stronger with ancient yoga dietary secrets - and the regular practice of yoga which is proven to improve your physical and mental stamina, and even make you live longer too!

Restore Balance to your BODY, your MIND and your LIFE - with 15 special polarity and yoga energy balancing techniques. Practice these regularly and you'll feel like your good "young" self again in no time!


Clean Out The Toxins That Cause Premature Aging and Disease(you're more poluted than you think!) with these 6 daily yoga practices that are so simple and take only 5 minutes to do. You'll be amazed at the rejuvenating results!


Get All the Tools to Practice Yoga, at Your Fingertips(It's like having a private yoga teacher in your own home) - including detailed instructional guides, video demonstrations and quick routine guides to follow along with every day.

Remove All the Mystery, Superstition and Flimsy Science From Yoga(finally learn what it's all about), with instruction on the principles and theories behind all the practices so that you'll really know how to practice yoga properly - and practice on your own too.

         and a whole lot more ... see for yourself!

" This is a great time not to have to spend $10-$15 per class and gas as well. It's perfect timing. "
Suzannah R******,Yoga Student

" What A Blessing! Yogacharya thank you so much for offering such an easy going yet deeply profound course for me to get my yoga practice happening again!  Wahe Guru! "
Jeff Dempsey, Raw Foods Expert

" I have been wanting to develop my own practice for quite a while. Now I feel I have to tools to finally to do it! Thank you! "
Ruth Ann T*****, Yoga Student

" My Yoga teacher recommended this course to me as a tool for further study of all Yoga aspects and to improve my home practice. I have been learning Yoga for around 12 years now and this course is really beneficial. The instructions are easy to follow and I like the idea of the practice summary and routines outlined. This is what I need to inspire my home practice and further my understanding of Yoga. "
Dianne Jones, Yoga Student

" Living in a remote location makes yoga classes difficult to get to regularly. What a blessing this course is!"
Tracy Corbett, Yoga Student

" As a yoga teacher I am constantly struggling to find ways to incentivise my students to practice on their own. I know this will be a great help. Namaste. "
Luis A******, Yoga Student

"I have put some of my students onto your course, those that have showed interest to develop their understanding of yoga. I really appreciate what you are doing. Well done!"
Lucilla Hammond, Registered Yoga Teacher

But Yogacharya ... I already go to yoga classes. why do I need this?

I go to yoga classes too ... I love them ... BUT, I never learned yoga in them ... and I never developed the ability to keep up my healthy yoga lifestyle from them. Neither did your yoga teacher. So what's the chance that you will?

I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but they answer is somewhere between zero and none! In fact, the social connection and extra motivation that comes from practicing in a group is not enough to keep you doing yoga regularly ... and if you want results (I mean real, lasting health results) from yoga, then you HAVE TO practice regularly.

The majority of people try out yoga classes, spending lots of money, and eventually quit without getting too much out of it all. You don't want that to happen to you, do you?

The Basic Yoga Trainer keeps that from happening. It teaches you all the things you DON'T get in a yoga class ... not just the how to's, but the why's behind all the practices.

It will give you those "aha" moments that suddenly make it all make sense!

But Yogacharya ... I LOVE my yoga classes!

Wonderful! And after you spend just a couple easy weeks with The Basic Yoga Trainer, you'll love them even more! I promise!

So many students of The Basic Yoga Trainer report back that they now get so much more out of their yoga classes than before ... and the best part is that they never have to worry about missing another class because now they know how to practice yoga anywhere, anytime!

Do you know what that means? It means you'll make heaps more progress in yoga, way faster! It's hard to believe that something as simple as The Basic Yoga Trainer can make such a huge difference, but it does!

But Yogacharya ... can I really learn yoga this way?

Hundreds of students already have, so I know for a fact that you can too! Yes, I understand your scepticism. I have been hearing it ever since I created this amazing course.

But like almost all my past students, once you try The Basic Yoga Trainer your doubts will vanish into thin air. You'll be astounded at how much you've learned and how easy it was. Your yoga practice will never be the same again!

But Yogacharya ... I've never done yoga before.

Then The Basic Yoga Trainer is for YOU! It is structured in an easy to follow, step-by-step format, starting right from the very beginning. It's designed to take you on a steady journey, building your practice and your understanding of yoga in a gradual manner.

But Yogacharya ... I want to do yoga. I just don't have time now. (can I get this special offer again in a few months?)

Nope, sorry. When you close this web page, the special offer closes with it!

But once you have The Basic Yoga you can study it whenever you want, at your own pace.

So if time is limiting you right now, no problem. Just grab this special offer before it's too late, then file it away and dive into it when you are ready. Easy as pie!

I've gone to so many yoga classes and I didn't even realize how much I was missing until now. Thank you so much for all that you've taught me about yoga ... and all the money you've saved me in the future too!
~ Jessica Hewitt, Yoga Student

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