All Your Reasons
for NOT Doing Yoga

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A Yoga Revolution is Underway ...

Raina Sweet, a 35-year old mother of 2

I'd like to say that The Yoga Tutor was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Now, after 3 months, I continue to practice every day because this program has made me fall in love with Yoga!"

  • NO MORE rushing to make it to a yoga class
  • NO MORE struggling with yoga practices you aren’t ready for
  • NO MORE dropping hundreds of dollars a month on yoga!


The Yoga Tutor  takes all the hard parts out of yoga
... without losing any of the benefits!

It’s time to
Break Out of The
“Yoga Class” Mentality!

If you're like 98% of people today, then you get your yoga fix at a yoga studio. Unfortunately, this approach to yoga (aka the “yoga class”) simply Does Not Work.


You may be getting some benefits out of it, that’s true. But what you might not realize is that you are not learning much about yoga, least of all, how to practice it on your own, the way it was meant to be practiced.


I taught yoga classes for a long time, and it took me awhile to figure out that there was a much better way.



That “Better Way” has finally arrived.


It’s called The Yoga Tutor, and it’s already starting to change the face of yoga instruction.


The Yoga Tutor gives you yoga the way it was meant to be taught … in a step by step method to help you learn how to easily and effectively practice yoga on your own.

Before I tell you
about The Yoga Tutor
let me start by telling you

How The Yoga Tutor
Was Born


About 4 years ago I was walking down the coastline near the University of British Columbia and I ran into Neyma, an old yoga student of mine.


I hadn’t seen him in over a year, since before I went off on another one of my long trips to India.


What Neyma told me that day really shocked me:


Once you were gone, I just couldn’t seem to keep up the yoga ... one thing after another always seemed to get in the way. When I did finally find some time to practice, honestly, I really had a hard time remembering what to do.

Why was I so surprised?


... because I always considered Neyma to be one of my more dedicated and eager yoga students!


Hello, I'm Yogacharya,


... Director of International Yogalayam™, and the teacher behind The Yoga Tutor, a truly unique program for learning yoga online at home.

Does Neyma's Story Sound Familiar?


Truthfully, it wasn’t the first time I've seen this happen to a yoga student.


I used to get new students coming to me who were frustrated because they felt they weren’t learning how to practice yoga on their own by going to their yoga classes.


... and meeting Neyma again reminded me how tough it can be to keep up a yoga practice on your own, especially if you aren't a dedicated, aspiring yogi.

So I Finally Decided
to Do Something About it!

I decided that it was time to “Break Out of the Yoga Class Mentality” and create a program that would help people to really learn about yoga and to develop the ability to easily practice it on their own.


and that’s how
The Yoga Tutor was born!

J. Sean Durham, Ph.D., RYT, Director of Studies,

I've been admiring your philosophy, presentation and program for the past six
months. First encountered you on one of the more prominent yoga blogs, then
listened to your podcasts and read your introductory text (it's great).

From the fairly extensive research I've conducted, your program is by far the best
on the web
. I especially appreciated your emphasis on the importance of
practicing yoga outside the studio and yoga as a complete approach to life.

Your style is relaxed but focused - perfect for e-instruction!

Lucilla Hammond, Registered Yoga Teacher

I have put some of my students onto your site, those that have showed interest to develop their understanding of yoga.

It can be hard to learn more about yoga without actually taking up a teacher training course - that's why I really appreciate what you are doing. Well done!

Marie Neugent, Yoga Student

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and let you know that I am truly enjoying your your yoga course. I am in a yoga teacher program now, but I have learned more from your stuff than anything I learned in class!

I am grateful for all that you are doing for Yoga. Namaste!

What is
The Yoga Tutor?



First of all, it's
like NOTHING you've ever seen before ...

The Yoga Tutor is a complete yoga learning program structured in a unique membership website which goes far beyond any yoga experience you've ever had anywhere else.

It's a step-by-step yoga course for you to learn yoga online and actually learn to practice it at home, on your own, without becoming dependant on a teacher or yoga class to actually do yoga.

BUT it's MUCH MORE than that too!

The Yoga Tutor is a complete yoga learning and support system ... including forums, ongoing webinars, unique yoga information and priceless learning tools ...

Look at all the
FEATURES of your
Yoga Tutor Membership:



21 Step-By-Step Yoga Lessons: Yoga doesn’t get any easier than our unique, interactive lesson system. Learn the principles and practices of yoga, including over 70 powerful youth-generating yoga techniques, all step-by-step. Click here for a peek at what you’ll be getting …

Downloadable Manuals:
Each yoga lesson contains a detailed instruction manual which includes yoga philosophy and step by step yoga instructions. Manuals are in pdf format you can view right on your computer or print.

Video Demonstrations:
Streaming videos demonstrating each of the practical yoga techniques accompany each lesson. Links to the videos are embedded directly within each lesson manual for ultimate ease of use.

Q&A Yoga Forum:
This unique forum gives you a chance to get answers to all your yoga-related questions from Yogacharya. Read and add comments to other member questions too. A priceless yoga resource!

Yoga Routine Quick Guides:
These downloadable one-page “quick-reference guides” are a great aid while you’re learning yoga. Outlines of some powerful yoga routines are summarized in these quick guides.

FREE Download Bonuses: Yoga-related downloads you won't find anywhere else online, like The Ayurveda Workshop, an introductory eCourse into the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda.

Interactive Yoga Webinars: Join live monthly webinars on various yoga-related topics. These invaluable sessions are conducted by Yogacharya, the Director of International Yogalayam and the author of The Yoga Tutor.

Free Upgrades & Additions:
Your Yoga Tutor Membership gives you lifetime access to any additions, upgrades and improvements to The Yoga Tutor training material.

Yoga Resources:
Want to go further into yoga? These resources will provide direction. Find recommendations for useful online yoga assets, yoga retreats, and yoga training programs both in India and around the world.

Yoga Special Offers:
More freebies, extras, and unique special offers, available to members of The Yoga Tutor community only.

Free Trial Period: To make sure The Yoga Tutor is right for you before having to spend any money, all membership packages come with a free trial. If you decide to cancel your easy payments at any time, no problem.

Membership Levels:
Membership in the Yoga Tutor is a bargain by any standards. But we know everyone has different needs, so we offer two membership levels; Premium and Lite to make membership in The Yoga Tutor practical for everyone.


Lifetime Access: Simply the BEST PART! … Full Lifetime Access to The Yoga Tutor and all the features outlined above without ever having to spend another cent, when you chose the "one-time payment" option.

Leena Choudhary, Registered Yoga Teacher

It's a pleasure to see that even here in the West their are people who understand all the sides of Yoga.

I am a Yoga teacher (Originally from India) conducting Yoga classes in the St Louis area , but I've failed to meet teachers like you who understand that Ashtanga Yoga is really the original Form of yoga and includes aspects over and above the physical poses.

Thanks a lot for spreading awareness of the right way of doing Yoga!

More Than a Yoga Class ...


More Than a Yoga Book ...


More Than a Yoga Video ...

The Yoga Tutor is


A Complete
Yoga Experience!

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21 step-by-step yoga lessons  /  Interactive Q&A Forums  /  Monthly yogawebinars  /  Ayurveda healthy lifestyle training eCourse  /  Supplimentary yoga training material  /  Yoga quick-reference guides  /  Detailed yoga routines  /  Downloadable yoga training manuals  /  Streaming yoga videos  /  Unique yoga resources  /  Special member offers  /  FREE TRIAL  LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP

And the list keeps going ...

Much MORE!

You won't find anything else like
The Yoga Tutor ... anywhere.
It's ...


So Unique ...

So Refreshing ...

So Effective ...

So Easy to Use ...


It's a Yoga Revolution!

Giulia Terrile, Yoga Student

What a nice way to use the computer!  Thank you for the inspirational work.  No more excuses!!!

The Yoga Tutor is

Inside The Yoga Tutor ...
Master 5 Power-Yoga Stress Relief Techniques to instantly eliminate tension.
Learn 61 Rejuvinating Exercises that will revitalize you and make you feel years younger
Discover 7 Dietary Secrets of the ancient yogis and regain your health and longevity
Learn How to Practice Yoga ON YOUR OWN!
Find out 3 Critical Things About Yoga that you've been missing in your yoga classes!
and Save Hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Dollars $$$ too!

Inside the Lessons ...

The Yoga Tutor lessons are jam-packed full of yoga to give you a great, well-rounded yoga learning experience. Some of the many things you'll learn include:

  • The history and evolution of yoga from ancient to modern times.
  • Preparation, purification and basic cleansing practices.
  • The philosophy, theory and cultural relevance of yoga.
  • Introduction to the yogic diet as well as other healthy yoga living practices.
  • A solid foundation of over 60 yoga techniques for the cultivation of an effective, health-enhancing, regular daily yoga practice.
  • Some basic practices for purifying and stabilizing the body, mind and emotions.
  • The Hathenas, a special set of yoga practices for expanding and improving the lungs and breathing capacity.
  • A powerful set of re-polarizing practices known as "Polarity Kriyas".
  • An exploration of Pranayama Yoga, the science of "energy control".
  • Some effective daily yoga stress-relief and relaxation practices

    ... and much more!

There is simply too much inside this yoga course to list it all here. Have a look at the Table of Contents link below and you'll see what I mean!

See the Yoga Tutor Table of Contents Here ...

Brenda Clark, Registered Yoga Teacher

I am a yoga instructor and have been looking for something to do at home to help keep me inspired. This program was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Still Need Convincing?


Here's 3 More Vital Things you'll get
from The Yoga Tutor

1. You'll learn effective ways to make time for yoga


I know how difficult it is to find the time to practice yoga. But to really experience all the wonderful benefits of yoga, you NEED to do it Regularly.

The Yoga Tutor teaches you some EASY WAYS to get a regular yoga practice going, and how to really keep it on track.

2. You'll learn how to practice yoga on your own


The Yoga Tutor will teach you the REAL SECRETS of how to do it!  It's hard to practice yoga on your own, especially if you're a beginner and don't have a deep understanding of the practices or the principles behind them.


The Yoga Tutor will give you the kind of instruction that you just can't get in a yoga class ... the kind that'll make you capable of practicing yoga, on your own!

3. You'll SAVE yourself a bundle!


Learn yoga online with The Yoga Tutor and see how much money you'll save by not having to go to yoga classes all the time! ... Trust me ... It'll be A LOT!


With The Yoga Tutor, you'll be amazed at how much you'll learn about yoga ... and how easy that learning will be.


It took me years of study and practice to be able to put together an effective online yoga training program like this ... and by the great feedback that I constantly get, it seems like I've done a pretty good job!


I really hope you'll try it. I guarantee that you'll never have to pay a cent unless you're completely satisfied!


So why not give it a try? It's 100% RISK FREE!


Yours in Yoga,

100% Risk FREE

Try The Yoga Tutor absolutely FREE. Even if you decide to become a member, you will always be free to cancel at any time.
A 100% WIN WIN situation for you!.

My Personal
Satisfaction Guarantee

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