The Truth About Yoga ...

Dear Friend,

This might surprise you … I know it surprised me when I first found out. Did you know that ...


8 out of every 10 people who try yoga
only stick with it for less than one month?


Don’t believe me?  Just ask around. I’m sure that you’ll have no trouble finding someone who says that they do yoga.

But ask them when, and 8 times out of 10 I bet the next words out of their mouth will be something like “… well actually I haven’t been to my yoga class for while, but I really need to go again soon.

It’s the same ol’ story for nearly every single person who has given yoga a shot.  They try it … they do it religiously for short time, and then BOOM! … they stop.




It’s not because most yoga teachers are lousy.  The reason is because most yoga teachers are going about it all wrong!  They are teaching yoga in a way that makes it impossible for almost everyone to succeed.


I’m talking about the modern YOGA CLASS
… one of the worst ways to learn yoga!




Remember Aerobics? Jazzercise? Taebo? … and all those other things we all tried in the past?  They helped us bust a little stress, shed a few pounds, got our adrenaline going and made us feel a bit better … for awhile.

Then what happened?

We quit!




Because beyond getting a good workout, there simply wasn’t enough there to keep you going over the long haul.  It’s the classic cycle:  



Initial enthusiasm >>> Quick results >>> Plateau >>> Boredom
>>> Search for something else



Well Guess What?

Yoga is following the same tired old model … which we all know DOESN’T WORK.

There is a better way … click here

The Writing is on the Yoga Wall …

Like all its preceding health and fitness trends, yoga is in trouble … and the clues are obvious. What are the signs that a new health trend is on the wane?

1. It begins to mutate …

Over the last few decades yoga has grown tremendously in popularity … and in just the past few years alone, literally hundreds of “teachers” have invented their own “special brand” of yoga … creations that range from the novel to the absurd, all in an effort to make a name for themselves and get a leg up on the growing competition.

2. The number of teachers increases dramatically & teaching standards go down.
The proper understanding of yoga takes years of dedication, study and practice, yet today, anybody can become a “certified yoga teacher” in a matter of just a few weeks … even with no previous experience at all.  Many “Regulatory Associations” have sprung up whose weak accreditation requirements have only led to more undereducated teachers and a greater “watering down” of yoga.


3. It starts getting really expensive, AND …
When prices start to go up and businesses start to tack on all sorts of money-making add-ons, like selling useless things (kits, equipment, “essential” clothing, etc,) and expensive retreats and package programs, it’s a sure sign that business is in trouble. “teacher training courses” being offered abundantly is perhaps the biggest “red flag” of all

… This is all stuff that nearly every yoga teacher and business is now doing

… and the increase in the number of yoga studios going out of business is a bad sign indeed!

And Now It’s Happening to Yoga Too

Because of the simple fact that 8 out of 10 of you do not go back to your yoga class after your first few visits. 

Why Are You Quitting Yoga?

Because, rather than teach yoga in a way that gives you something of lasting value, your yoga teachers are all just following the same old tired system (a system proven to fail) …

And now most of them are scrambling to find a way to make a living by trying to sell you other stuff that you don’t want or need … instead of giving you what you came for in the first place …




What if there was a better way to Learn Yoga?

One that gave you
what you’re really looking for ...


You’d be all over it like White on Rice … Right?

Of course you would.  Because you hate to waste your time and your money as much as I do. … AND you really want to learn yoga!

Well you CAN, and you can do it without draining your bank account, eating up your precious time … and above all else, without getting into a monotonous, boring rut and quitting (like 80% of people do) before experiencing all the amazing benefits.
I have the solution for you …

If You Stop Reading Now, You’ll Probably Regret It!

The Yoga Tutor is a truly unique yoga training program. In fact, I’ll bet that you’ve never seen anything else like it.

I spent over 20 years learning about what to put into it so …



  • You don’t have to go to India to really learn about yoga.
  • You don’t have to drop $5,000 on a yoga retreat at a resort in Mexico (which I wouldn’t recommend anyhow!)
  • And you don’t have to figure out how to fit hundreds of yoga classes and weekend workshops into your already busy life (and waste tons of money in the process).

The Yoga Tutor makes learning yoga so incredibly easy, and so unbelievably cheap, that you’ll be convinced that it was one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself!


And You Can Try it Out
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Raina Sweet, a 35-year old mother of 2

I'd like to say that The Yoga Tutor was one of the best investments I’ve ever made!

Now, after 3 months, I continue to practice every day because this program has made me fall in love with Yoga!"

So, What EXACTLY is The Yoga Tutor?



The Yoga Tutor is a complete yoga learning program structured in a unique membership website which goes far beyond any yoga experience you've ever had anywhere else (I guarantee that!).

It's a step-by-step yoga course for you to learn yoga online and actually learn to practice it effectively at home, on your own.

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The Yoga Tutor is a complete yoga learning and support system ... including forums, ongoing yoga webinars, unique yoga resources and priceless yoga learning tools ...



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21 Step-By-Step Yoga Lessons: Yoga doesn’t get any easier than our unique, interactive lesson system. Learn the principles and practices of yoga, including over 70 powerful youth-generating yoga techniques, all step-by-step. Click here for a peek at what you’ll be getting …

Downloadable Manuals:
Each yoga lesson contains a detailed instruction manual which includes yoga philosophy and step by step yoga instructions. Manuals are in pdf format you can print or view right on your computer.

Video Demonstrations:
Streaming videos demonstrating each of the yoga techniques accompany each lesson. Links to the videos are embedded directly within each lesson manual for ultimate ease of use.

Q&A Yoga Forum:
This unique forum gives you a chance to get answers to all your yoga-related questions from Yogacharya. Read and add comments to other member questions too. A priceless yoga resource!

Yoga Routine Quick Guides:
These downloadable one-page “quick-reference guides” are a great aid while you’re learning yoga. Outlines of some powerful yoga routines are summarized in these quick guides.

FREE Download Bonuses:
Yoga-related downloads you won't find anywhere else online, like The Ayurveda Workshop, an introductory eCourse into the ancient Indian health system of Ayurveda.

Interactive Yoga Webinars:
Join live monthly webinars on various yoga-related topics. These invaluable sessions are conducted by Yogacharya, the Director of International Yogalayam and the author of The Yoga Tutor.

Free Upgrades & Additions:
Your Yoga Tutor Membership gives you lifetime access to any additions, upgrades and improvements to The Yoga Tutor training material.

Yoga Resources:
Want to go further into yoga? These resources will provide direction. Find recommendations for useful online yoga assets, yoga retreats, and yoga training programs both in India and around the world.

Yoga Special Offers:
More freebies, extras, and unique special offers, available to members of The Yoga Tutor community only.

Free Trial Period: To make sure The Yoga Tutor is right for you before having to spend any money, membership comes with a free trial. If you decide to cancel your easy payments at any time, no problem.

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J. Sean Durham, Ph.D., RYT, Director of Studies,

I've been admiring your philosophy, presentation and program for the past six
months. First encountered you on one of the more prominent yoga blogs, then
listened to your podcasts and read your introductory text (it's great).

From the fairly extensive research I've conducted, your program is by far the best
on the web
. I especially appreciated your emphasis on the importance of
practicing yoga outside the studio and yoga as a complete approach to life.

Your style is relaxed but focused - perfect for e-instruction!

Lucilla Hammond, Registered Yoga Teacher

I have put some of my students onto your site, those that have showed interest to develop their understanding of yoga.

It can be hard to learn more about yoga without actually taking up a teacher training course - that's why I really appreciate what you are doing. Well done!

Marie Neugent, Yoga Student

I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail and let you know that I am truly enjoying your your yoga course. I am in a yoga teacher program now, but I have learned more from your stuff than anything I learned in class!

I am grateful for all that you are doing for Yoga. Namaste!

Are You Ready to Stop Wasting
Your Time and Money?



As a yoga teacher, my time is as valuable as yours. And I don’t want to waste it on the chance of only really getting through to 10-20 % of the students who come to me to learn yoga.


The Good News is that I left that frustration behind when I stopped using yoga classes as the only way to try and teach yoga.

I overcame that hurdle altogether when I developed The Yoga Tutor. This program finally gave me a practical way to effectively guide students along the amazing yoga path, and to really help them to gain lasting health and satisfaction.



The Yoga Tutor has rewritten the book on yoga training
… and you know what?

It simply works!



Try it Out For Yourself Right Now
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Enter your name and email address below for your FREE TRIAL of The Yoga Tutor.
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Start Your FREE Trial Now

Enter your name and email address below for your FREE TRIAL of The Yoga Tutor.
First Name
Primary Email