BODY TALK: Yogic Mudras of the human body

By: Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani


About This DVD: The Yogic art and science of Mudra is a means of non-verbal communication that is subtle and refined. It enables us to communicate intrapersonally with our inner self, interpersonally with others and transpersonally with the Divine. This presentation showcases important Yogic Mudras that can be done using the whole body as well as the head, neck and face. Different Mudras are used in various Hatha Yoga sequences and Kriyas to conserve and enhance the energy flow in the body as well as help attain a state of meditation in action. Concentration is improved and the mind settles into the body better when such Mudras are used. It also adds to the inherent benefit of the Asana or the Kriya. Important Yogic gestures of the head, neck and face are depicted with marvelous visuals of an international group performing the Brahma Mudra being the highlight. Various Mudras of the Hatha Yoga tradition are demonstrated with detailed explanation of the methods and benefits of each Mudra. Mudras “gesture” the energy necessary and “seal” that otherwise intangible and illusive moment, fixing it for all time in our heart and nerves, bones and blood, mind and body, soul and thought – creating a solid foundation upon which to build a spectacular healthy, happy and spiritual life. The Mudra “seals” into our very cells that call to a Higher Life which can never again be denied!.

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