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21 Step-By-Step Yoga Lessons: Yoga doesn’t get any easier than this interactive lesson system. Learn the principles and practices of yoga, with over 70 powerful youth-generating yoga techniques, all online, step-by-step. Click here for a peek inside ...

Downloadable Manuals:
Each yoga lesson contains a detailed instruction manual which includes yoga philosophy and step by step yoga instructions. Manuals are in pdf format you can print or view right on your computer.

Video Demonstrations:
Streaming videos demonstrating each of the yoga techniques accompany each lesson. Links to the videos are embedded directly within each lesson manual for ultimate ease of use.

Yoga Routine Quick Guides:
These downloadable one-page “quick-reference guides” are a great aid while you’re learning yoga. Outlines of some powerful yoga routines are summarized in these quick guides.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
If, for any reason, you are not totally satisfied with you membership at The Yoga Tutor, you can cancel your subscription at any time ... no questions asked.

Namaste Friend,

As a yoga teacher, I am very happy to see the growing interest in yoga today.

Yet I am also quite dismayed by the lack of understanding about yoga that the average yoga enthusiast has. 

It's clear to me that many of our modern yoga classes are NOT doing a very good job teaching people yoga.

That's why I created The Yoga Tutor

... a step-by-step yoga learning program that anyone can do right from the comforts of home.

Hundreds of people, both yoga teachers and folks just like you have tried The Yoga Tutor ... and from the feedback I constantly get, it must be working!

Does it Replace Yoga Classes?

NO ... But it goes well beyond what you'd get in the typical yoga class, teaching you step-by-step all about yoga and giving you the knowledge, the skills and the confidence to practice yoga OUTSIDE the class too.

I've got 21 Lessons Here For You ...

Now that you've had a chance to try a few lessons, I hope you can see what I mean. This 21-lesson program really is unique and so effective ... and I really want YOU to benefit from it too.

So I've made it easy for you with a "try first and pay later" format, AND the ability to cancel any time.

Why Not Give it a Try?
What have you got to lose?


Yours in Yoga,

How much does each lesson cost?

Each lesson costs only $9.97 ... less than a typical yoga class, but with much more lasting value!

Try first ... pay later

For convenience, you'll be billed for 3 lessons at a time, at the end of every 3-weeks. That means you'll be able to try 3 lessons at a time before making any payment.

Cancel Anytime

If you ever change your mind or if you feel that the lessons are not worth it for you, then you can cancel any time before your next scheduled payment, and PAY NOTHING!

That's Your 100% RISK FREE Guarantee!

Get 6 FREE Lessons


We'll start you off right away with 6 lessons ... FREE for 21-days!  If you decide to continue after 3 weeks, you'll be given access to one new lesson every week ... and remember, you can cancel at any time.

That's my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
(Try getting that from your yoga class!)

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