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We currently offer 4 yoga courses (products) that pay 50% commission to our affiliates. To date, over 3,600 students have enrolled in our on-line yoga courses.


1. The Basic Yoga Trainer:

2. The Science of Yoga:

3. The Yoga Master's Course:

4. The Ayurveda Workshop:

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We provide several different tools to make it easy for you to promote our yoga products.Us e them on your blog, website, or newsletter ... or include them in an email auto-responder or mass mail-out to your subscriber list.

1. Direct Links - these links go directly to each of our product sales pages, or optin forms with OTOs (special one-time offers).
2. Banners - these images link directly to our home page
3. Articles - these are pre-written articles with your affiliate link embedded right into them. You can post them right on your blog or website.
4. Special Offers - these are temporary links that we create for you to use when we have a special promotion (i.e. 'New Years Special')


We pay 50% commissions on all sales from the traffic you send our way. Every time someone clicks on one of your affiliate links (from any of the promo tools provided), they are tracked via a 'life-time' cookie. That means any time they choose to buy one of our products (either now, or any time in the future), you will receive your 50% commission.

You only have to send them our way ONCE, and that person will be cookied (hard coded with YOUR affiliate details). That means you will always receive 50% commission for any product they purchase from us that we offer commissions on.

It's hassle free ... 100% guaranteed.


You can log into your affiliate account at fusionhq (with the login details provided with when you registered here) and view all the stats: clicks, optins, sales and commissions earned.


Don't forget the most important part ... getting paid your commissions!

We make commission payments to our affiliates once per month. There is a minimum payout of $100, which means that if your commissions are less than $100 on the scheduled payout date, your balance will roll-over to the following payment period(s) ... until such time that you have accumulated at least $100 owing to you and payment will then be made.

We pay all our affiliates via Paypal, so you MUST have a Paypal account In order to receive your commissions. Don't worry if you don't have a Paypal account yet. You can still start promoting all our yoga products now, and your commissions will accumulate here in your affiliate account. You will just need to sign up for a (free) Paypal account before getting paid.


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