The Ayurveda Workshop

A Practical Introduction to the Amazing
Indian Health Science of Ayurveda

"A little Ayurveda goes a long, long way ..."

  • Double Your Energy - With Just a few easy diet changes
  • Sharpen Your Senses of sight, taste and hearing in a matter of weeks
  • Learn 3 Easy Ways to "Read Others" for a huge advantage in your work and in your relationships.
  • And Add Years of Vibrant Living to your life (not months ... YEARS!)

All through the ancient health system of Ayurveda ...

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian health science that goes hand in hand with yoga ... and if you really want health, vitality and abundance in your life, then you NEED to know about Ayurveda too!

The beauty of Ayurveda is that it does not take years of study and training to be able to benefit greatly from it. As the saying goes, "A little Ayurveda goes a long long way." 

... and that's exactly what The Ayurveda Workshop is designed to do - to give you an simple but practical introduction into this profound science that will show you just how easy a few simple ideas can translate into REAL Health Results

That's all I need to know.
I want The Ayurveda Workshop now


Did You Know the Ancient Yogis Lived
For Up to 400 Years?

Yes, even LONGER some say!  How long though, no one can really say for sure. In any case, there are many accounts of yoga masters living lives of health and longevity that would definitely defy modern scientific logic ...

So ... What did they know that you don't ?

Just give me 3 minutes of your time and I'll tell you ...

  • What They Knew
  • How They Learned It
  • and How You Can Learn it Too!

[and the secret to learning it quickly and easily]


What Did They Know?

Through lifetimes of experiements, along with knowledge passed down through countless generations of gurus and disciples, the masters of ancient India made some astounding discoveries ... discoveries that uncovered the mystries of the full spectrum of human health ... the physical, mental, emotional and higher spiritual too.

They not only gained a profound understanding of the nature of this human life, but also our place within this vast Universe around us, and the means by which to thrive and flourish within it.

That knowledge forms the foundation of the ancient Indian medical science known as Ayurveda (which literally means "the science of life")

And it's easy for you to learn too!

I've probably studied Ayurveda a little bit more than the average person, but that's just because I'm really into things like Yoga and Ayurveda.

But YOU don't have to go back to school and study your brains out for years to learn a few really useful things ... practical things that can have a real immediate effect on your health and how you feel.

Don't worry, I'm going to make it real easy and HELP you BIG TIME here ...

Help YOU to get ..

  • More Energy
  • Greater Creativity
  • More Wealth
  • and Better Health

[and I promise you ... It's a whole lot easier than you might think!]

But First let me tell you ...

A Little More About Ayurveda

Both Yoga and Ayurveda belong to the “Vedic” culture of ancient India. Together they encourage a particular way of life, a way of co-operating with Nature and living in harmony with her for our maximum mutual benefit.

BUT the fact of the matter is ...

Most of us aren't living in this harmony. In fact, most of us aren't even close! ... and as a result, life has become a constant struggle for so many good people like you and me.

We do little things each and every day that, unknowingly, are interferring with our health and our success on all levels.  We don't do these things on purpose, of course.  Most often we just aren't aware of what these little things are, or how big a problem they are causing for us ...

But once we tune into these things, we can easily make a few simple adjustments ...

... Simple Changes that can have a Major Effect on our health and our success in life!

That's exactly what a little understanding
of Ayurveda science can do for YOU!


Ayurveda Includes:

    * Ayurveda herbs and medicine
    * Ayurveda diet
    * bodywork
    * psychology
    * and spirituality too.


But it also shows us how to more clearly see our own inherent strengths and weaknesses on a psychological and emotional level too ... guiding us toward pursuits and actions that we are most likely to benefit from, while helping us to steer clear of the things that are likely to set us back ... both in health, and in wealth.

Ayurveda is, in effect, a profound medical doctor and life coach all rolled up into one ...

... a science that was designed quite simply to allow for the most beneficial and healthy enjoyment of our time here on earth.

Do You Know The Best Thing I've Gained Through Ayurveda?

... Besides improving my health immensely (People often think I'm 15 years younger than I really am!) ...

... Besides helping me to settle into the profession that is enjoyable and gratifying for me beyond belief ...

... Besides teaching me how to live in a way that is best suited for my own temperment, and in a way that brings me the greatest health and fulfillment ...

AYURVEDA has Improved My Relationships 100 FOLD!  Yep, Ayurveda has helped me to understand everyone around me much, MUCH better. It has allowed me to see why they act the way that they do, and why they say the things that they say

... and to understand what the real challenges are that they deal with on a daily basis (even if they, themselves don't understand what is really going on).

Ayurveda has truly taken the frustration out of life for me.

A Little Ayurveda Goes a Long Long Way

If you've tried dozens of diets, and been dissapointed; tried countless health and exercise systems, and never gotten anywhere ... then it's time for you to learn about Ayurveda.

By learning just a few basic principles of this age-old science, even the average person can easily overcome years of struggle and frustration with their health, their diet, their job, and perhaps even more importantly, their relationships too.

The Ayurveda Workshop

An easy to follow, basic introduction to Ayurveda for everyone.

It's Simple ... and Easy!

The Ayurveda Workshop is NOT a book of boring Indian medical theories and principles.

It's a simple little step-by-step introduction to the practical principles and techniques of Ayurveda that will make you sit right up and take notice of exactly where you've been going so wrong with you approach to health ... and show you exactly what to do about it.

... so that you can begin to take some simple, but very effective steps toward better health and greater abundance in your life.

Why Are Your Waiting for Better Health?

Get your copy of the
Ayurveda Workshop TODAY!

Get your Copy of The Ayurveda Workshop right now ...

Why I Created this Course For YOU ...


Hello, I’m Yogacharya, the Founder of International Yogalayam and author of The Ayurveda Workshop.

I’ve been exceptionally fortunate in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to do what most people only dream of … like spending many years in exotic India studying the ancient traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.

With my previous experience as a health-care practitioner in Canada, it didn’t take long for me to recognized the profound wisdom within this ancient Indian medical science, and the intimate connection it had with Yoga.

The more I learned about Ayurveda, the more I understood just how important it was as a practitioner and teacher of Yoga to possess this knowledge too.

Ayurveda and Yoga were always considered to be two complimentary halves of the secret for achieving a balanced, healthy and happy life. I came to realize that every practitioner of yoga needs to have at least a basic understanding of Ayurveda too, if they truly want to gain all they can out of their yoga efforts.

But getting a "practical" introduction to Ayurveda isn’t so easy.

Most books on the subject, though written by knowledgeable people, are, well to put it bluntly, pretty drab and boring.

Unfortunately, they are usually written by scholarly types who might certainly know the subject, but rarely how to speak in terms that “normal people” can easily digest.

Or worse ... they are written by Indian intellectuals! If you’ve ever read books written by Indian doctors or academics, you’ll know about the painfully formal language they often use.

Sure, there is no disputing the wisdom of their words, but let’s face it, drab and boring would be too kind a way to describe many of these publications. I have read so many of them, and let me tell you, if you’re having trouble sleeping at night, they beat counting sheep any day!

The Irony is that Ayurveda Science is NOT Drab OR Boring!

… and learning about it certainly doesn’t have to remind you of those days when you struggled to just keep your eyes open at the back of your “English Lit. 101” class.

I’m a writer and a communicator … and I know that this profound science of health and wellbeing CAN be presented in a much more interesting way.


... And THAT IS WHY I created the Ayurveda Workshop!


Learning Ayurveda is EASY with the Ayurveda Workshop ...

  • Learn Ayurveda in easy to understand terms!

  • Figure out your OWN unique Ayurveda Body Type with easy to use tools

  • Learn what foods are good for YOUR UNIQUE SELF, and which are not in the Ayurveda diet

  • Learn what career is best suited for YOU!

  • Learn how to make a few simple little adjustments in your life that can have immediate effects on your health, vitality ... and success!

Get Your Copy of
The Ayurveda Workshop
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