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Here's where you'll find more unique yoga learning and practice resources, stuff you won't find anywhere else on the internet. These yoga FREE downloads will help you to keep furthering your understanding of yoga, and improve your health and wellbeing on all levels.

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Wanting to practice yoga is one thing, but actually getting started, and even more importantly, sticking with it, is another.

5 Secrets to Yoga Success
by Yogacharya addresses some to the most common challenges to starting and maintaining a regular, healthy yoga practice.

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The Yoga Stress Relief Guide includes 8 powerful stress relief practices from the three branches of yoga known as jnana yoga, kriya yoga and pranayama yoga.

These highly effective yoga practices help to release pent up stress and tension in the body and mind, and can be done quite easily by anyone.

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Basic Yoga Breathing includes instruction on 4 simple, yet powerful health-enhancing yoga breathing exercises.

These practices fall within the realm of that branch of yoga known as pranayama, and their daily practice can help to form the foundation of a healthy life.

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