Attention Affiliates:
Our Next Promo Starts Jan 03, 2011

The Yoga Tutor will be making a special promotional launch of The Yoga Master's Course on January 5th and lasting for 48 hours only (pre-launch begins Jan 3rd)

Launch Date:
January 5th
Pre-Launch Starts:
January 3rd (2 days)

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3rd January (Pre-launch) - The First email you send to your list. We'll be giving out a digital version of Yogacharya's new book, ?The Truth About Yoga.? It contains fresh and insightful content about learning yoga that will help motivate those interested in getting started or going deeper into yoga to enrol in The Yoga Master's Course.

5th January (Launch day) - Second email sent to your list, with your affiliate links leading to the special promotional launch sales page.

6th January - Third email sent to your list, answering some Frequently Asked Questions, with a reminder that the special promotion ends soon.

7th January - Fourth and final email to your list (optional) announcing the end of the special promotion. The email will give those who missed it another chance to download the FREE eBook offered during prelaunch.  When they sign up for the Free ebook download, they will receive a follow-up email 3 days later giving them one last opportunity to purchase The Yoga Master's Course at the special promotional price.

Just prior to the appointed times, we will send you the pre-written emails ("swipe"), with your affiliate link embedded directly in them for you to send to your email list(s).  As usual, you are welcome to edit the emails, or even completely rewrite them yourself if you choose. Just remember to keep your affiliate links in them!

We offer a 40% commission for this special promotion of The Yoga Master's Course.
The customer's internet browser also records a "lifetime cookie," which means that if they purchase anything else from us in the future, you will also receive affiliate commission for it (commissions range from 35-50%, depending on the product)

The Yoga Master's Course normally sells for $399.00. During this special 2-day promotion it will be priced for large volume sales at $97.00.

Launch Price - $97
Your Commission - $38.80 per sale

We use for our affiliate tracking because it gives us more flexibility and has a double layer of affiliate tracking. It has been tried and tested in many large-scale launches before and has always worked flawlessly.

FusionHQ has both cookie and IP tracking ensuring your affiliate statistics are accurate.
We've used it before and it has always performed reliably for us.

The Yoga Tutor not only has unique, high quality yoga training programs and products, but we also have a lot of experience in effectively marketing them online. The Yoga Master's Course has been the foundation of our online yoga training school for several years now, and over that time we've continually honed and refined our sales processs. In short, this course converts (sells) very well!

Customer Satisfaction - Besides converting extremely well, the overwhelming majority of our customers are very happy with The Yoga Master's Course. In fact, this course has one of the lowest Refund Rates online ... less than 2% (compared to other eGood refund rates which typically run between 15-40%) 

Credit that to the highest quality of our Yoga Courses and our marketing and sales expertise ... two things that we've spent a lot of time perfecting, and two things that you can be confident will male this launch a success for all of us.

Conversion Data:

In a trial launch we did on Nov 30th 2010, we had some impressive conversions:

The Truth About Yoga pre-content optin page converted at an impressive 60.3% - well above industry standard for optin pages.

The Yoga Master's Course sales page converted at 4.1% - a very respectable sales rate for this kind of product.

We have taken our data and made a few tweaks and adjustments on both the optin and sales pages, which should help to inprove these great conversion rates even further for our upcoming January 2011 launch.

* Even more importantly, we saw a 0% Refund Rate during our trial launch (yes, you read that correctly - not even one single refund request!)

We're 100% confident you will be proud to the Yoga Master's Course ... So many students have already reported how it has changed their lives!

We're also very happy to be able to give you an opportunity to make some great commissions from this high quality yoga training product.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please let us know...

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