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Imagine you just managed to slip out of work before the boss made you stay late again. You're exhausted, your legs hurt and your neck is stiff as a board from starring at your computer all day.

A nice spine stretching, stress melting yoga class would really hit the spot right now wouldn't it? 

Except for one thing ...

The thought of fighting downltown traffic and finding parking right now makes your wince. And since you've still got to sort out dinner and the pile of laundry at home isn't getting any smaller, well ...

... Maybe you'll try to make it to yoga class tomorrow.


Sound Familiar?


Maybe that's not your exact story, but I bet you've got one that's similar.You know how great yoga makes you feel, so why do you have such a hard time doing it?

I'll tell you why ...

Because it's inconvenient, that's why! (There are 3 other BIG reasons why you're having such a hard time doing yoga, but I'll get to those later ...)





I'm Yogacharya Michael and I've got the solution to your yoga frustrations.


I've created 2 easy ways for you to get all the benefits of yoga without any of the hassles ...

They're called The Basic Yoga Trainer and The Yoga Master's Course, my unique online yoga training programs.


Imagine now ... you're at home, exhausted after work but somehow you've managed to muster enough strength to throw together a half-way decent meal and put a reasonable dent in that mountain of dirty clothes ...

You're finally able to put your feet up and catch your breath.

A little yoga would sure be great now, wouldn't it? Now you've got the time but unfortunately it's too late to catch a class.

Luckily, you don't have to. All you have to do is turn on your computer and pick right up where you left off in your step-by-step yoga lessons.

Yep! It's that easy!

... and before you know it, you'll know how to practice yoga on your own and never have to worry about making it to another yoga class again .

You'll be able to do yoga whenever and wherever you want to (without having to pay anything either!)

So why aren't other yoga teacher doing this?

Teaching you how to actually practice yoga, I mean ...

To be honest with you, I don't really know!  Maybe they're just stuck in the tired old yoga class model that everyone else is using (which really doesn't work very well and I'll tell you why shortly ...).

All I know is that the letters I get from my students say it all. Just look at this one, for example:

"I'm in a yoga teacher program now, but I've learned more from
your online course than anything I learned in class!
Marie Neugent, Yoga Student

Or how about these?

"I'm really enjoying this course so far and learning more than I ever imagined.
Thank you for putting together this wonderful course!"

Kevin Tangen

"Dear Yogacharya,
It hardly seems possible (that I'm almost finished this course)! And yet
when I look back on
the past year and see how far I have come,
I find myself in awe of the power of yoga!

Sue Bushell 


What Makes The Yoga Tutor Programs So Different?

These are not just videos of yoga classes for you to follow along with. They are complete "yoga learning sytems" to help you develop the proper understanding, confidence and ability to safely practice yoga on your own.

And they are SO EASY that anyone can do them (even a total beginner).

Now when you drop in to a yoga class from time to time (which is still ok, of course) you won't wonder if you're doing it right - you'll know exactly what you are doing (and why!).

My yoga training programs take the mystery out of yoga so that YOU can practice yoga without having to rely on someone else to tell you what to do next.

That's what makes my yoga training programs so unique and so effective. Nobody else teaches you yoga like this. Most teachers just guide you through a bunch of yoga exercises that might leave you feeling relaxed and content for awhile ... but far from enlightened.

Like I said, I don't know why. There are certainly much better ways to teach yoga than the typical yoga class is offerening. I've had hundreds of satified students go through my yoga trianing programs, right from the comfort of their own homes ...

... and it's creating a real yoga revolution!

Oh, and by the way, all of my yoga programs are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee ... so why not give one a try?  You've got nothing to lose and SO MUCH to GAIN!


Yours in Yoga,

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" What A Blessing! Yogacharya thank you so much for offering such an easy going yet deeply profound course for me to get my yoga practice happening again!  Wahe Guru! "

Jeff Dempsey
Raw Foods Expert


" I have been wanting to develop my own practice for quite a while. Now I feel I have to tools to finally to do it! Thank you! "

Ruth Ann ********
Yoga student


" I've gone to so many yoga classes and I didn't even realize how much I was missing until now.

Thank you so much for all that you've taught me about yoga ... and all the money you've saved me in the future too!

Jessica Hewitt
Yoga teacher


"I absolutely LOVE your web site, the information you provide for us Yoga Teachers is fantastic, great articles, learning tools and opportunity to grow and develop as we were meant to be...  Thanks so much. You are the BEST yoga site I have seen.!"

Donna Williamson
Yoga teacher


" It's great to see an online site this is giving REAL yoga teachings ..."

Craig Norris
Yoga teacher


" I am a yoga instructor and have been looking for something to do at home to help keep me inspired. This program is exactly what I needed. Namaste, "

Brenda Haslego
Yoga teacher


I've been admiring your philosophy, presentation and program for the past six months. From the extensive research I've conducted, this yoga course is by far the BEST on the WEB.

J. Sean Durham, Ph.D., RYT,

Director of Studies,


" I love your website and all the information you share about Yoga."

Sherrie Erickson
Yoga teacher


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Everything we offer here at The Yoga Tutor is backed by our firm SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

If after 60 days you are not completely satisfied for any reason at all with any of our products or training courses, simply say so for a full no questions asked refund.

(Try getting that from your yoga studio!)

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