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Day 16

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Loma Viloma – Group 1

  •     Eka Pada Utthana Asana
  •     Shirsha Utthana Asana
  •     Ardha Shalabha Asana
  •     Unmukha Shirsha Utthana Asana,
  •     Dridha Eka Pada Utthana Asana
  •     Dridha Shirsha Asana

  • Start by downloading the Day 16 course material via the above Download Button.
  • Read through the entire lesson before watching the accompanying videos below.
  • Use the practice summary at the end of Day 16 as your guide for practicing the yoga exercises learned thus far.

Loma Viloma – Group 2

  • Stambhan Asana
  • Ardha Dhanur Asana
  • Dridha Eka Pada Utthana Asana Paravritti (1)
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