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Ahimsa (Part C)

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 197 ]

In order to overcome fear and act with wisdom and compassion (ahimsa), like the yogi, we must first abolish our own selfish ego, that part of us which demands restitution and recognise the inherent nature of the one who has wronged us; that they are also a being of the same Universal Supreme God, whose 'evil nature' is a product of their ignorance, fears and desires.

The true yogi realizes that they need help to find liberation from the 'cancer' within them.

Fear Leads to Violence

Together with ahimsa comes abhaya, or the absence of fear. Violence and fear exist together. Fear leads one to violence. All violent or harmful acts (thoughts, words and deeds) come out of fear. So without fear there can be no violence.

In this same way, victims of violence are also victims of fear. When one has fear in their mind, however deep or hidden it may be, then they will always be susceptible to violence or harmful treatment from others too.

Release from fear comes only for those who live a pure life. The yogi is not afraid because he is purified by the study of the Self.

The normal man is paralysed by fear, however. He is afraid that he could lose his means of life, his wealth or his reputation. His biggest fear is death.

The yogi, though, knows that he is more than his physical body, which is merely a transient home for his spirit. He sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself. He has dedicated his entire life to the discovery of the Divine.

When one has attached one's entire being to the Supreme Divine, then of whom and of what could one be afraid of anymore?

~ Sadhana Pada, V. 35
Translation  On being firmly established in non-violence, there is abandonment of hostility [enmity] in (his/her) presence.


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