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[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 344 ]

Polarity is a fundamental aspect in yoga, and hence, health and well-being. In the physical sciences polarity involves two poles at opposite ends of a body, each of which have an opposite or contrasting nature.

This polarity can describe quite visually the action of a magnet, or invisibly the principles of electro-magnetic light-waves, electricity, or the change in potential of a cell due to the accumulation of liberated gases. Each of these represents a condition of polarity, whereby the negative force is able to flow towards its positive counterpart, leading to a “union” or yoga (of the positive and negative).

Chemistry 101

Since polarity is the basis for biological life as well as spiritual evolution, it is useful to have a basic understanding of some aspects of physics, chemistry and electronics. Many of you may not be so science-minded. I’m presenting some brief concepts here to further our perspective
on polarity, but if it goes over your head, so to speak, then don't worry about it!

We'll start with an understanding of two concepts known as anions and cations. A single anion contains the smallest amount of energy that there is -- 1 millhouse unit of energy (up to 499 mh units).

An anion molecule has a positive ion as a nucleus, known as a cation. One single cation contains 500 to 999 mh units of energy. The anionic (-) electrons in the orbiting shell of this anion molecule rotate in a clock-wise direction.

Inversely, a cation molecule has an anion (-) as its nucleus and has cationic (+) electrons in its outer orbit. This orbit is counter-clock-wise.

Now here is the important key:
All energy in human bodies is created by the RESISTANCE generated when these oppositely charged ions (negative anions and positive cations), rotating in opposite directions, come together.

This is precisely the opposite of the law in physics which tells us that RESISTANCE consumes energy. But in the ionization chemistry of the human body, it is the RESISTANCE between the orbiting anions (-) and the orbiting cations (+) that actually creates energy!

So, in short, an anion can yield energy when it creates resistance with a cation. In chemistry, the measure of this resistance is known as pH. The amount of individual anions and individual cations in a solution determine the acidity of the solution (the pH). Science has shown us that our body runs in perfect harmony when the pH is 7.4, which is close to a neutral solution, or a perfect ratio of cations and anions -- the perfect ratio to create the most friction and thus the most energy.

Given this brief simplification, we can see the imperative of all the previous dietary and other directives given to you throughout this course, which function among other things, to reduce acidity and to re-establish a healthy pH balance in the body.

What has been demonstrated in the brief chemistry lesson above is the simple principle that energy (health) requires not only the existence of positive and negative force and the contact between these two forces, but also the proper balance between these forces as well...


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