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Jnana Surya Kriya

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 255 ]

Continuing with our jnana yoga kriyas, the jnana surya kriya is another great practice for deep relaxation, harmony, energizing and internalization. Surya is one of the many Sanskrit names of the sun. This practice bestows permeating warmth throughout the being and awakens the powerful inner radiance within the Self. There are 2 variations of this practice.

Technique #1

  • Begin by performing the mukha bhastrika (cleansing breath) at least 3 times, and then lie down in shava asana.
Note: If it is early morning, lie with your head facing the sun (east), otherwise, facing the north.
  • Visualize a giant sun directly above your abdominal region.
  • Breathe deeply and rhythmically, all the while feeling that you are breathing in the warmth of this sun into you very energy core at the navel centre.
  • With each breath, feel that you are wafting upwards, eventually becoming engulfed within the radiant sun, like the yolk centred in an egg.
  • Continue to bathe in the warmth of the surrounding radiance for about 10 minutes or until the desire to descend back out arises.

Technique #2

  • In shava asana, visualize the giant sun on the floor either below your feet or above your head.
  • Now imagine that this warm ball is slowly rolling over your body, bit by bit, inch by inch, until your entire being is once again engulfed within it.
Note: Both of these techniques may also be used while sitting upright in vajra asana. For the first technique, imagine that you are slowly being wafted upwards into the sun; and for the second, imagine that the sun is slowly descending over you and engulfing your body within its core.


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