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Pranava Pranayama

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 181 ]

The Pranava is the full cosmic Om (or AUM), represented as the three distinct vibratory sounds of 'A' (ah), 'U' (oh) and 'M' (mm).

These three distinct resonant sounds are intimately tied with the three parts of the breath, explored earlier with our lobular breathing practice of vibhagha pranayama.

  1. The 'Ahh' sound originating from the solar plexus is related to adham pranayama, or lower lung breathing.
  2. The 'Ohh' sound originating from the chest region corresponds to madhyam pranayama, or mid-chest breathing.
  3. The 'Mmm' sound, as it moves upward and transcends its auditory character is associated with adhyam pranayama, or upper lung breathing.

So then, the 'A' is verbalised as the air is being expelled from the lower lungs, the 'U' as the air exits the mid-lungs, and the 'M' as the remaining air leaves the upper lungs.

As an added dimension of the practice, one can mentally 'think' these same sounds during the inhalation stage of the breath, as each section of the lungs is filled accordingly.

The Pranava AUM is practiced in conjunction with the mahat yoga pranayama, or the 'complete yogic breath'.

The proper practice of the Pranava Pranayama is taught in The Science of Yoga home study program...

Effects and Benefits

Dr. Swami Gitananda Giri maintained the healing power of the Pranava as unparalleled, while modern researchers and therapists continue to demonstrate its practical success upon patients with various afflictions.

The psychic benefits of the Pranava pranayama are immense. On the physical level, research has begun to reveal this practice as an incredible panacea, demonstrating impressive results for many conditions such as eye disorders, gastro-intestinal problems, stress disorders, chronic headaches, neck problems, anxiety, depression and a vast spectrum of psycho-somatic, mental and emotional disorders.

I encourage you to embrace this practice as a daily sadhana and discover for yourself its value on many levels.

"After fifteen years of daily practice, experimenting and researching the practice of Pranava AUM pranayama... and having successfully tested it with all types of serious illnesses, mine as well as other students/patients, and having more than satisfied myself of its truth, I shared my knowledge and experience with the fervent hope that it may inspire serious, dedicated and disciplined colleagues to do likewise."
~ Sri Bala Ratnam, Vibrational Breath Therapy


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