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The Various States of Mind

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 529 ]

The yogis have defined five states of the chitta (mind) as follows:
  1. Mudha - Dull
  2. Kshipta - Distracted
  3. Vikshipta - Partially concentrated (less distracted)
  4. Ekagrata - Concentrated (one-pointed)
  5. Nirodha - Fully contained, pure consciousness
In "Vibhuti Pada," sutra 11, Sage Patanjali states:

Translation - samadhi transformation is the (gradual) dispersing of the distractions and simultaneous rising of one-pointedness.

Most people possess a chitta which can be termed either as mudha, kshipta or vikshipta. In the samyama stages of yoga, the chitta begins to undergo a transformation -- a gradual replacement of the 3 lower mental states with that of ekagrata, or one-pointedness. The yogi seeks to continually cultivate ekagrata and gain control over the dull and distracted states of mind...


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