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Seven Chakras - Part 3

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 516 ]


The fifth centre of force is vishuddha chakra and its location is at the base of the throat. It attunes with the ether and corresponds to the basic energy of the Universe in which we find space-time energy (akash).

In human beings this energy gives rise to very fast and deep intelligence, the highest aesthetic and symbolic vision, along with spiritual intuition. It symbolises the pure consciousness (moral purity), and artistic creativity. Vishuddha chakra is the symbol of sound, dreams and purity.

On a psychic level, it governs expression, inspiration in speech, eloquence, and perception of the archetypal models. When positively aroused, it generates a form of superior intuitive intelligence (like Albert Einstein, for instance), but this is very rare...


The sixth chakra, ajna chakra (promounced "aag-nee-ya") is located in the middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows. It also bears the names "the third eye" or "Shiva's eye" and it represents the superior mental consciousness that allows direct perception of the invisible worlds, and the direct perception of the subtle aspects of manifestation (it puts one in contact with the powers of the Universe). It is, therefore, also referred to as "the mental command centre."

In its harmonious aspect, ajna chakra gives great mental insight, self-control, clairvoyance, superior intuition, and extrasensory perception. All great mental powers operate through ajna chakra...


Located at the top of the head, above the physical body, sahasrara is not considered to be a chakra as characteristically as the others, but rather an autonomous centre that synthesises all the others. As an analogy, consider white light. When a beam is fractured through a prism, we see that it contains all colours.

Sahasrara corresponds to the absolute. On the human level, it reveals real wisdom. In the yogic literature, it is known as "the supreme centre of contact with God." Sahasrara chakra symbolises detachment from illusion -- an essential element in obtaining Supra-mental Consciousness of the truth that 'one is all and all is One'.

Sahasrara functions as the gateway to the creative force of the Universe. It corresponds to one function alone -- that of Supreme Consciousness. So it is at the level of sahasrara one gains awareness of the infinite...


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