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Rhythmic Breathing

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 230 ]

In yoga we recognize the relationship between rhythm and health.

A state of harmony is one of 'rhythmic synchronicity'. Ill-health is merely a disjointed and non-rhythmic state of the being. Nature itself is a harmonious interplay of the rhythms or cycles.

The cycles of nature flow with regularity from birth to growth to fruition to dissolution again. Harmony and health exist in tune with the rhythms of nature. Therefore, the re-establishment of health and harmony necessitates the restoration of natural rhythm.

In the human biology, the central mechanism of rhythm and harmony is the breath. When one's breath is chaotic and disorganised, then one's mind and emotions are likewise "off-kilter," which invariably translates into the physical form as disharmony and disease.

The yogis, therefore, have always looked toward the breath for the establishment of balance and well-being. There are numerous "rhythmic breaths" within the field of pranayama which are utilized in the harmonizing of the pranas (vital airs) and the pancha kosha, the 5 bodies of man, for the re-establishment and maintenance of overall health and well-being.

Next, I'll introduce you to the savitri pranayama, the classical "rhythmic breath," which will become an important tool in many of our ensuing yoga practices.


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