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Brumadhya Drishthi - The Inner Gaze

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 545 ]

Another dharana technique is the bhrumadhya drishti, or "inner gaze."

Bhrumadhya bindu is the point in the centre of the forehead commonly referred to as the third eye, or centre of consciousness.


  • Take a comfortable sitting position and turn the gaze to the base of the nose, thus creating a cross-eyed position.
  • Raise the eyes slightly, so that this cross-eyed gaze now falls directly between the eyebrows, then
  • Close your eyelids and hold this point of concentration inwardly.
  • Periodically open your eyes to see if this point is being maintained, then close them once again.
  • Hold this concentration for several minutes.
  • After these practices of eye-gazing, you can perform a simple technique for eye relaxation known as a pranic poultice:
  • Maintaining a comfortable seated position, rapidly rub the palms of the hands together, exciting the prana into the nadis of the hands, then ...
  • Close the eyes and cup the hands over the eyes, blocking out all light.
  • Lean slightly forward, resting the elbows upon the knees and let the head rest forward onto the hands.
  • Repeat this 2 or 3 times, holding each time for a minute or two (or until the warmth of the hands has dissipated).
  • Finish by sitting upright.
  • Remove the hands but keep the eyes closed.
  • Gently turn the head from side to side.
  • Continuing this movement, blink the eyes open and closed several times, slowly re-admitting the light back into them.


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