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Pada Vajra Kriya

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 230 ]

This foot kriya is one of the best therapies you can give to yourself for your feet and for the loosening of your ankles.

  • Begin in the heel-sitting vajra asana.
  • Again, using the sukha pranayama, raise both knees on an inhalation, just as in the preceding dwi janu vajra kriya.
  • Exhale and lower both knees to the floor.
  • On the next inhalation, raise the buttocks off of the heels, lift up onto the knees and turn your toes under.
  • Exhale and sit back down into the heel-sitting vajra vira asana.
  • Inhale, rise up onto the knees again and point the toes backward once more.
  • Exhale and sit back down into vajra asana.
Note: this is one full round, which take 3 complete cycles of breath to complete.
  • Repeat 3 or 4 rounds of this practice.

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NOTE: This yoga article is an excerpt from The Science of Yoga, an online yoga training program with streaming yoga videos and 600 pages of step-by-step yoga instruction.

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