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Maha Mudra

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 307 ]

A growing problem today is asthma and asthmatic related conditions, which are exacerbated further by the tension of air trapped in the upper part of the lungs.

The following maha mudra kriyas can aid in releasing this upper lung air and thus be a great benefit for the asthmatic sufferer.

Sapurna Maha Mudra - the incomplete mighty tidal gesture

  • Begin in vajra asana.
  • Inhale fully.
  • On the exhale, relax your arms to the sides and slowly bend forward at the hips until your forehead comes to rest upon the floor.
Note: By the end, the lungs should be empty.
Raise the arms high up toward the sky, expelling any remaining air trapped in the upper lungs.
  • Lower the arms, and inhale fully (low/mid/high) as you slowly return back up into the upright vajra asana.
  • Repeat the sequence immediately with the next exhalation.
  • Perform this cycle 3 to 6 times within the hathena set.
Note: When practicing alone, it may be performed up to 12 times in one sitting.

Maha Mudra - the mighty tidal gesture

The complete maha mudra in is performed in exactly the same way as the sapurna maha mudra, except that the hands are interlocked behind the back throughout the movement.


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