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Om Japa Kriya

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 395 ]

Another inner concentration practice in dharmika asana is the Om japa kriya. Japa means "repetition," therefore the Om japa is a repetition of the sound of Om (AUM).


  • In dharmika asana, allow your mind to settle its attention into bindu nadi, behind the brow centre.
  • Concentrate on making the sound 'OM' into this inner point of concentration, repeating it with steady rhythm. The sound is actually ajapa, or a silent creation within the mind only.
  • When the mind wanders, gently bring it back to the practice.
Note: If you are finding it difficult in the beginning to create this 'mental OM' in bindu nadi, then you may try a form of japa-ajapa, whereby you verbalize the OM on an exhalation of the breath and mentally create the OM on the inhalation. The utterance should be very soft and low, all the while concentrating firmly on the point behind the forehead.


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