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Why Karma Exists

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 361 ]

Karma exists, not as judgement of our attitudes and actions by some higher, Omnipotent Being, but merely as a teacher for our continued growth and evolution.

When we have learned a lesson, then we have gained wisdom in some area which has given us the ability to think and act in a higher, more evolved way. When we have not learned the lesson presented to us, then we get 'kicked in the pants', so to speak.

Some people continue to make the same un-evolved decisions in life and reap the same painful results, over and over and over. It seems that the more one refuses to learn their lessons, the harder that karma kicks -- yet even this is still not enough to wake many from their stupor! Is there a better definition of a fool than "One who continues to do the same things over and over again, yet expects different results?"

This is precisely the truth behind Alexander Pope's famous epigrammatic line "Whatever is, is right." Whatever 'is' is what 'is needed' in order for learning, growth and evolution to occur.

The fact that many of the results we get from our actions in life may seem unpleasant, cruel or unjust is merely a function of the limited human perspective that does not see the true reason behind the lessons. The KATHA UPANISHAD reminds us, "Do not mistake the pleasant for the good." That which is good for us, is not always pleasant, and that which is pleasant is not always good for us...


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