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Pratyahara Kriyas

[ Excerpt from The Science of Yoga, page 486 ]

As mentioned, you have already been introduced to several pratyahara practices. At this stage of your sadhana you should now be engaging in these yoga techniques with your intention focused upon this deeper dimension of sense withdrawal.

Two yoga practices in particular, which you have already been initiated in, the loma-viloma kriya, and the nadi jnana kriya, are excellent exercises at this stage of practice.

Loma Viloma Kriya - This kriya is a powerful action whereby the forces of prana and apana are wafted back and forth through the entire cellular structure of the body. Among the many benefits, this practice also has a wonderful effect of correcting the condition of nara, or mal-alignment of the pancha kosha.

In this practice, the flow of prana-apana continues back and forth through the body until a natural pratyahara results. This gives a feeling of complete withdrawal from the tactile sense of touch, whereby the body feels weightless with no sensation of contact with the ground.

Nadi Jnana Kriya - This 'psychic flush' can lead to a total pratyahara as a result of the deep cleansing of the sub-consciousness. This feeling of complete withdrawal from the senses intensifies with regular practice, and thus the nadi jnana kriya is an excellent practice for the cultivation of pratyahara.

There are also other excellent yoga techniques for practicing pratyahara, such as the Shabda Kriya and Shabda Pratyahara...


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