JV Launch: May 3rd, 2011


The Science of Yoga


The much-anticipated release of our newest yoga home study course, "The Science of Yoga," is just around the corner...


To kick off this new yoga training program, we'll be offering The Science of Yoga at a special promotional price for 3 days only (from May 3-5, 2011).


If you would like to partner with us for this special promotion, click the link below to register right away, and we'll send you all the details soon... 

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We offer a generous commission structure for this special promotion of The Science of Yoga. Our JV partenrs have earned anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on previous similar promotions with us. Your specific earnings will depend upon the size and quality of your email lists, as well as any other promotional efforts you make during this 3-day launch.

As well, the customer's internet browser also records a "lifetime cookie," which means that if they purchase anything else from us in the future, you will also receive affiliate commission for it (commissions range from 35-50%, depending on the product)

We use FusionHQ.com for our affiliate tracking because it gives us more flexibility and has a double layer of affiliate tracking. It has been tried and tested in many large-scale launches before and has always worked flawlessly.

FusionHQ has both cookie and IP tracking ensuring your affiliate statistics are accurate.
We've used it before and it has always performed reliably for us.

The Yoga Tutor not only has unique, high quality yoga training programs and products, but we also have a lot of experience in effectively marketing them online. Our two primary yoga training programs, The Yoga Master's Course and The Basic Yoga Trainer have consistently converted well for us and our partners. Based upon our market research, we expect The Science of Yoga to be even more successful.

Customer Satisfaction - Besides converting extremely well, the overwhelming majority of our customers are very happy with our yoga training programs. In fact, they consistantly have among the lowest Refund Rates online ... less than 2% (compared to other eGood refund rates which typically run between 15-40%) 

Credit that to the highest quality of our Yoga Courses and our marketing and sales expertise ... two things that we've spent a lot of time perfecting, and two things that you can be confident will male this launch a success for all of us.

To Join Our Affiliate Program Now

We're 100% confident you will be proud to promote The Science of Yoga, and that your customers will appreciate you for it!

We're also very happy to be able to give you an opportunity to make some great commissions from this high quality yoga training product.

If you have any questions or need help with anything please let us know...

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